Scott would like to invite you to join him on this voyage of self discovery, exploring the many possibilities as your mediumship unfolds.

This mentorship will focus mainly on developing your entranced state. This will allow the spirit communicators to come forward and offer guidance on how your mediumship should unfold as you move forward on your development journey.

Developing your trance mediumship to become a clear channel is quite challenging as we live in a physical world where we need the presence of ego to survive. With trance mediumship we work to supress the ego, remain relaxed with a calm mind allowing the spirit world to dust our consciousness and influence our minds.

Sometimes the harshest of lessons is to accept that at times our ego does creep in and it is our mind colouring the communication. Scott will be guiding you through this minefield, using techniques that he uses himself and also ones he is inspired to pass along by his friends in the spirit world.


If you haven’t attended a séance or workshop with Scott, it is highly recommended that you do so prior to registering for this programme. On many of the days you attend you will be expected to sit in complete darkness, and on other occasions in dim red light. This programme is not suitable for anyone who is not completely comfortable sitting in total darkness.

What will it include:

Amongst many other aspects Scott will be covering all of the following:

  • Sitting in your own Power
  • Experimental Sittings
  • Sensing the Spirit
  • Trance Sittings
  • Working in the Cabinet
  • Energy Awareness

Numbers are limited to a small group of around fourteen people.